TFI’s ‘One To Watch’: Ann & Arayata Handbags

Design with heritage & culture!
That is the definition of Ann & Arayata, a collection of handbags that give back to the community where they were created. This collection supports the livelihood, food and educational projects in the Philippines and Rwanda.
Yes! This is fashion with deep substance.
Once you learn the story of founder and designer, Lara Stephenson, you can sense the pride and honor that Ann & Arayata carries. The company was named using both middle names of Lara and her late mother, Honorata. A&A; handbags are handcrafted in the Philippines using a old weaving tradition using raffia, grown from buri palm trees in the region. Water based dyes are used to give the handbags such bright color and life! A&A; donate a minimum of 20% of profits to L.I.F.E. For Health, a 100% volunteer run registered charity. But don’t be mislead! A&A;’s collection is beautifully made using color in the forms of clutches, large handbags and wallets. With such focus on Fashion and the well being of others, Ann & Arayata is one to watch!


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Ludwig Bon Quirog y Migriño
December 1, 2011 at 2:41 pm

These are awesome! Like seriously awesome! When the heart is at work, everything turns out beautiful… and awesome!