That Special Something: Chris Hemsworth

Who said the Three Piece is too stuffy? The hearthrob Aussie actor Chris shows some chest without bringing a cheese factor. Now THAT is talent.
Here is a tip. Men don't really need to TRY when it comes to fashion. A simple white-t, proper leather jacket and a pair of dark jeans set a guy up for a fashionable day.
Regardless of the hair length, Chris still has the IT factor. Reminds us of Brad Pitt who also carries both long and shorter hair verra well. He can do the 5 o'clock shadow or he can do the bare faced look too! Which do you prefer?
Casual style & a baby. Doesn't the ponytail remind you of Heath Ledger?

What a guy needs:

Leather Jacket

Cool suit in Black or Grey. The Tie is optional.

Dark Jeans

Nice V-neck T-shirt in white and an assortment of colors

Cool graphic tees that fit (meaning NOT baggy)

Pay attention to your facial hair. Or shave, it’s you’re choice

Bring a bit of Old School to your wardrobe. We love the three piece suit on Chris. Maybe you can bring a cool fedora hat to your wardrobe or vintage looking sweater. Make it classic guys!

Make sure to have a special piece of jewelry! It adds to your overall look and people will use your accessory to mark you. Chris wears a sterling silver wedding band.


Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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