The ‘BEST Girlfriend’ Gift List

Every girl depends on her Best Girlfriend. You know who she is. She’s the one that tells you the truth, regardless of how much you love that multi-animal print button-down. She’s the one who helps you pick up the pieces when Mr. Wrong takes off and she’s the one who understand your tears when you’ve had a rough day. It can be hard to gift the people you cherish most, but we are offering some help! Maybe these ideas will shift your thinking. The more you know your girl, the easier the creative gifting becomes. Here’s our gift list for the BEST Girlfriend.
Add some glamor to your girl’s loft or condo with an artsy, framed Marilyn Monroe poster!
If your best girl is hosting a holiday party, bring her the official ‘Ladies Drink’! Barcardi Daiquiri.
They can be cute! Especially if your girl has a desk in need of goofy-ness! A friend of mine gifted me with the Storm bobblehead from Xmen because in his mind, I resemble her (minus the blonde locks among other things). Be creative and have a custom Bobblehead designed after your bestie!
Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style By Jerome Gautier, a Paris based journalist & fashion historian. This is a great gift! Any fashion lover would appreciate this piece of fashion education.
Help your girl organize her beauty & makeup products with the Soho Beauty Aluminum Train Case. Its functional and pretty chic too.
Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
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