As shallow as the Fashion world may seem, there is a silver lining of good in the form of Windfall. Founded in 1991 this unique award-winning charity provides BRAND NEW clothing and assistance to 64,000 people in the GTA who are in need. Windfall provides for children, for women who seek refuge in shelters, and for people in need of work. To continue the good work Windfall does, Boutique Bar hosted WhiteOut! An evening of socializing, schmoozing, and donating money to aid Windfall. TV and radio personality Mike Chalut was the perfect celebrity bartender, and DJ Jeff Kirkwood served up the tunes that kept heads bumping through the night. Of course, Telly and I didn’t wear white….when we should have, but we weren’t the only ones and we were forgiven. Here are some pictures from Jan 18th’s WhiteOut party!
Tv & radio personality, Mike Chalut is all smiles with Windfall’s Cindy Roemer.
Gail McInnes and her fashionable friends took in all the fun at Boutique Bar.
Windfall’s Kerry-Ann Ingram wore a lovely fascinator!
We got pretty daisy’s to establish the white wardrobe we were missing.
Beautiful people!
Aren’t we cheeky or what?
Enjoying a peach cocktail
Want to support Windfall? Visit and get all the info on Windfall’s Bridal Blowout Warehouse sale. You can count on us being there! Thanks to the Windfall team for being such awesome hosts!
By Carcia & Telly
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