The Event: You’ve Been Coveteur’d Lovies

Have you ever really taken a good look at your closet?
Yes, I mean the thing that keeps your clothes and shoes…..
But really, have you ever thought, “My closet is interesting! I’m going to make a pictorial about it.”?
Designer Erin Kleinberg, stylist Stephanie Mark, and photographer Jake Rosenberg look through closets everyday and then they share their findings on our favorite online presence, The Coveteur. Stylists, make-up artists, editorial figures, actresses and countless others have allowed The Coveteur team into their homes, their rooms and even their closets. Today at Holt and Renfrew on Bloor St, Toronto, Erin, Stephanie and Jake sat down with VP of Fashion Direction Barbara Atkin and did an awesome Q&A; session.
Last night, The Coveteur team unveiled the fashionable outcome of a collaboration between themselves and Holt & Renfrew. Coveteur & Holt produced and styled a photo exhibit, and a window installation at Holts, displaying closets and cool imagery of the best accessory, SHOES!! If in town it is a must see. 
We have images and more below! Be sure to read through as we had the opportunity to talk to the trio and ask a few questions.
We seriously didn’t mean to match….it happens when you’re sisters with awesome fashion sense 😉
The Trio makes their entrance!
Cynthia of Delectably Chic! was awesome company during the event!
The Coveteur team and us instantly understood each other when it came to “team blogging”: Its all about communication. Erin, Stephanie and Jake were so kind to speak to everyone that approached them, even offering us to contact them if we ever have any more questions. I would TOTALLY let them take pics of my closet…..not right now though…its a mess!
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