The HerCastleGirls Christmas Gift List!

Tis the Season to be….Gifty! Okay yes we know that the word ‘Gifty’ isn’t an actual word but who cares right now? The main thing is this; It’s Christmas Time!

This year has been interesting to say the least. It was catastrophic and liberating at the same time. We all went through the ups and downs so its only right to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Take a look at some of the gift ideas we have for the special people in your life. Hope you find this list helpful! Be sure to take a moment to view our online shop, HerCastleGirls Shop for fashion accessories & more. Now, unto The List!

Helena Lane Limited Edition Body Butter Frankincense & Tumeric
Helena Lane Limited Edition Body Butter Frankincense & Tumeric

Helena Lane Organic Skincare (

A cruelty-free, face & body brand, made with certified organic and plant- or mineral-based ingredients. Body butters (Frankincense & Turmeric, Lavender & Geranium, Jasmine & Lime) are very nourishing. In reusable flip-top glass jars, the body butters are made with mango butter, camellia oil, and argan oil. And 3 skincare sets (Nourishing, Balancing, Calming) of travel samples in a tin is a pre-packaged gift. 

Zelda and her Christmas Tree Greeting Card
Zelda and her Christmas Tree Greeting Card

Élana Camille Creates Shop  (

The Canadian self-taught artist who currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia (before that Toronto & Vancouver). is a Digital art designer/painter. Her shop showcases her beautiful prints on postcards, tote bags, etc. She’s also the creative artist behind the packaging of ela x Sasha Exeter new handbag collab. She has a variety of gifts to choose from, check out her shop today, you won’t be disappointed.

The Sienna Series Book Collection (

What an awesome time to do some reading (we all got time for it these days) and Toshiba Billings, the author of this series and the co-host of our show Not Your Typical Girl Talk, has you covered. This sexy thriller will have you at the edge of your seat. With an awesome price point, you’ll want to buy the entire series, trust us! The best thing is, the series characters are Black!


Take Me Away Essentials  (

Just because we can’t gather together with extended family and friends like we did last year doesn’t mean we’re going to let ourselves go. Get your hair poppin’ with the Take Me Away Essentials. These products work on all skin types, ethnic backgrounds, skin color, hair textures, and lifestyle values. The price points make it possible to purchase high-quality products on a budget and founder Renae Thomas James always shares tips on the TMAE Instagram account. So much value!

BASA French Press Coffee Maker

BASA French Press Coffee Maker (

We all have that coffee lover in our lives and this next gift is perfect for them. One of the things we love most about french press coffee makers is how slick the design is….oh yeah and how great the coffee tastes!

The Kushie keeps your feet warm even on the coldest wintery nights.

The Kushie (

Since most of everyone is working from home these days, this soft and plush slipper will definitely come in handy, it’s like a warm hug for your feet. It also subs for a stocking stuffer, you can fill it with other warm sentiments for the holiday season and more!

HerCastleGirls – Happy Holidays