If you miss the Fashion opportunity as an actress at The Academy Awards, you’ve missed an opportunity to change your life and career. It is very important for an actress to present a favorable, delicious display to the media and world, where BILLIONS of people are watching to see who runs the Oscar red carpet in style. As for us, we had our FAVORITES and NOT SO FAVORITES that we live tweeted about during the Red Carpet action in Hollywood, but we have all our thoughts here in one post for you to check out. Let us know what you’re thinking below in Comments or on Facebook!

Jennifer Lawrence might have tripped for her Oscar, but she is ONE OF OUR BEST DRESSED! Okay, it might look like a bridal gown, but the styling, hair and fit of this gown couldn’t be more perfect! Now only if it didn’t need 3 wranglers to help her walk….Kerry Washington did a delightful coral, but the styling of the dress isn’t that amazing. We expected more from the star, who has up to now, owned the red carpet.

The PROM LOOK: Octavia Spencer wore a delightful pale yellow on the red carpet. Look at that waist! She is embracing her recent weight loss and she looks amazing! Amy Adams wore a dress fit for a fantasy princess. It took us a few looks to like this dress, wishing it was a different color, but the light grey looks heavenly with her hair color.

Jessica Chastain is ONE OF OUR BEST DRESSED! She had the Old Hollywood Glam look DOWN with perfect hair, make-up and fit. Her fair skin didn’t struggle against the beige at all. As much as we love this color on Reese Witherspoon, we didn’t LOVE the dress. It was alright, but we’ve seen much better looks on the star who has walked enough red carpets. We had to fit Tripping star Jennifer Lawrence somewhere….all in the name of fashion.

We love Jennifer Hudson! Her performance at the Oscars was mouth dropping! The multi-talented star could have done something dramatic, but she stuck to simple cuts and didn’t really WOW us. With pipes like Jennifer’s you can really wear anything anyway, so Why Not?

Charlize Theron ruled the red carpet this year! ONE OF OUR BEST DRESSED here! Yes, she’s a tall woman, but the crop hair, the well-fitted white dress, make for a perfect black-tie look. Unfortunately, red carpet favorite Anne Hathaway didn’t do the same. Her ill fitting dress only showed off her nipples and made her body look like one straight line. Not flattered and not a strong look for a red carpet.

Halle Berry wore a very interesting Versace gown, but it’s not an Oscar dress. This dress is perfect for The Grammy’s or the MTV Awards, but the dress might be a bit too funky for the prestigious ceremony.

Now THIS is much better Anne! During Anne’s performance with the Les Mis cast, she wore this lovely gown! We LOVE this. Its youthful and looks so angelic with her short hair do’. We were confused as to why she changed back into the other dress to collect her Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

Couples on The Carpet! Jennifer and Jennifer showed up with their bearded men! Actually, there were many bearded men on the red carpet, including Bradley Cooper, but back to the Jennifers. Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux are a handsome couple, but Jennifer’s dress and styling didn’t really follow through. Jennifer didn’t do a thing with her hair, she didn’t wear any accessories and even the dress looks drab! We don’t even think she liked her own dress come to think of it. On the other hand, you have the Happy Couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, who both looked so cute! Jennifer G. is winning us over this award season! Her choice in the dress, jewels and hair was fab!

Amanda Seyfried didn’t win us over this time. The dress on its own is lovely, but its not for her. Again, no shape to Amanda’s body and her hair is a serious mess. We understand that it was windy, but Reese Witherspoon‘s hair did even MOVE! no excuse Amanda. Hollywood Glamor girl, Jane Fonda gave us color, showed off her fit body & did it in an age appropriate fashion! She could teach many young starlets how to do the red carpet right!

Brit songbird, Adele brought back her brand of All Black Everything, and we LOVED it. If it works, why change? As usual, Adele’s hair on the red carpet was thick, shiny and well styled to complement her retro feel makeup. When Adele hit the stage for the Skyfall theme song that night, she gave us curves and legs with big hair! Such a great look for her. Adele, without trying, has become such a fashion icon. Simple and pure, like her voice!

So MANY STARS did there thing on the red carpet this Oscar season! Who’s look did you love or loathe? We wanna KNOW! Tell us in Comments or hit us up on Facebook!


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