the shOws Day 1: Bellevance & Steven Tai

In preparation for Toronto’s Fashion Week, World MasterCard Fashion Week (which we are battling through as you read this), we look forward to attending the intimate gathering known as the shOws. This year 4 designers were showcased including Bellevance, Steven Tai, Kaelen, and Antonio Azzuolo. Starting with Day 1, we focus on Bellevance and Steven Tai.

Bellevance ~ We had our favorite pieces which you will see below. We enjoyed the play on the pleated dresses, which they called, the Garbage Dress. It offers a different look. The collection also had some sophisticated and sexy knit wear. The lace and wool pieces styled together offered lovely texture for the runway. To be honest, we weren’t the biggest fans of the dark denim pieces. Understood, any styles reminiscent to the 1990s trends strongly right now, but the look didn’t seem to flow with the voice of the entire collection. See some of our favorite looks below.

bell 1 bell 2 bell 3 bell 4 bell 5 bell 6 bell 7

Steven Tai ~ Steven Tai is known for his application of science to fabrics and textiles. We also enjoy how he works with proportions and layering. Steven plays with color and the drop waist here, as Bellevance has done during the shOws, so if you can carry it, try a drop waist look this year. Texture in fabrics played a huge part in this collection as Steven took the basic silhouettes and lined them with fun wools and frayed fabrics to add a unique look. As always, Steven Tai presented a collection true to his style aesthetic.

Steven 1 Steven 2 Steven 3 Steven 4 Steven 5 Steven 6 Steven 7 Steven 8Photos by Michael Ho

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