the shOws: Featuring Jeremy Laing

Who: Jeremy Laing

What: SS2014 Collections presented at the shOws.

1 DSC_0312 2 DSC_0317

Transparent fabrics for the guys.3 DSC_0323

The zipper here on pinstripes reminds us of the 1990s. Great Look!

4 DSC_0325 5 DSC_0330 6 DSC_0337 7 DSC_0350

Stunning runway look.8 DSC_0341 9 DSC_0352 10 DSC_0357 11 DSC_0373 12 DSC_0378Jeremy talked about the process he took in creating pieces from the collection. The prints are actual pieces of art printed onto the fabrics.

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,

Carcia & Telly

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