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Who knew that our new favorite electro-rock band, We Were Lovers, would be from Saskatoon, Canada? After hearing the track Islands, we were hooked. Teh two young fashionable Haute Canadians a quickly gaining recognition here at home and abroad. Ash Lamothe and Elsa Gebremichael have created a dynamic LP Pyramids now available on ITunes. The duo has performed across Canada, LA, NYC, and Las Vegas to name a few and they have been the opening act for such artists as Janelle Monae, Metric, Tegan and Sara, Mother Mother, Handsome Furs, Diamond Rings, Awol Nation, The Arkells, Land Of Talk, and the New York Dolls. Read below about how Pyramids came to life, the thought behind their personal style and what the near future holds.


Back when we were a six piece band, each member brought a few name ideas to the table making up a pretty lengthy list of options, which we narrowed down and ended up agreeing on We Were Lovers. No other bands had the name and the .com was available, so that helped the decision making.  Now being a duo it makes the name take on more of a literal stance and we get asked if it has to do with our personal relationship, but that’s not the case.

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The most significant change came a couple years ago when we transitioned from being a five piece band into a duo. Becoming a duo was an easy decision as we?ve always been the main songwriters and with there only being two of us our sound evolved, with the incorporation of more electronic elements, into more of an overall electro pop vibe.  Pyramids is an eclectic batch of songs with a diverse vibes ranging from upbeat dancey tracks to darker more brooding songs ? the album incorporates pop, dreamy, disco, rock elements making it a well rounded album.


The recording process for your upcoming LP Pyramids
We produced and recorded everything ourselves on Pyramids in our home studio, which was a challenge for us as this was the first time recording anything beyond some demos.  It was a long process but in the end we are very happy with the way it turned out. We were able work with some talented people to help us mix and master the album which really helped bring to life the overall sound we were looking for.

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The concept and location for the Islands music video…
Elsa – We came up with the concept ourselves.  Being that the song has such a
dreamy and tropical summer feel we wanted to have that as the general vibe of the video.  We also wanted to show how beautiful the prairies actually are and were able to capture that right outside of our city (Saskatoon).  A lot of the video locations are unrecognizable to locals, which is neat.  We got to work with the super talented folks at Sica Films here in Saskatoon who brought the concept to life and then some.  It was a lot of work and we’re all very proud of it and happy about how well it’s been received – 20,000 views!

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Where do you like to shop for clothes?
Elsa – We love to thrift shop and find those unique, one of a kind pieces.  Combining vintage with newer pieces is typical of us and putting together outfits that are borderline costumey is something I love to do.  Shopping and supporting our locally owned shops is our usual go to but when on the road we love to hit up vintage / thrift shops.

Anything in your closet that you regret purchasing?
Elsa – Not really?  Haha, I’ve been collecting vintage clothing for years and some of the things purchased I’ve never worn.  I seem to think I will wear something one day and am afraid to get rid of a lot of my pieces but the amount of clothing is a little overwhelming so I’ve started to pass some things along.  But as for regret, no, I think there’s a time and a place.


Ash – We will definitely be touring North America in support of the new record next year. We don’t have anything concrete to announce yet but there are a couple things in the works. We are also looking into touring Europe this spring, something that we’ve been wanting to do for a while and are super stoked about.

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