The Stylin’ Puffer!

Its getting colder and the usual chic petty wool coat doesn’t always cut it. Especially when the wind and snow blow while you run for shelter. Just because its wet and dreary outside doesn’t mean you have to suffer in a square shaped winter coat. Telly and I are currently in the market for a stylin’ puffer. Stylin‘ meaning, a coat that shows off our womanly figures, a coat that looks great with pants or a dress, and a coat that will cover the majority of our body for added warmth! We’re northern girls okay? Here are some awesome puffers we saw online while shopping. So many pretty options within a decent price range of $300 and under! Take notice of the shape of these cute coats. If its not belted, the coat is cut to suit your shape, making the puffer so much more flattering and ‘evening wear’ worthy.
Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
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