The Suite: Exclusive Celebrity Style Suite

Who: Kelly Claman Company & Stylist Box in partnership with Chloe Magazine and Canadian Foundation For AIDS Research (CANFAR)

What: The Suite, an Exclusive Celebrity Style Suite

Where: Held at Kelly Claman Company Studio space on King Street West, Toronto

Why: This was a great way to get the Toronto International Film Festival celebrations going, walking through designers collections and having a peek at what the stars would be trying on for the red carpet. The event also brought awareness to CANFAR and its efforts in AIDS research. Stylist Box Co-Founder, Gail McInnes designed a hot t-shirt for CANFAR, which was presented at the event.

Designers  included
Andrew Majtenyi, Hilary MacMillan, I’MONIQU Accessories, Jon De Porter of Jon De Porter Jewelry, Kain, Kara Ross, Kova & T, Laborde Designs, Love Zooey, Lucian Matis, Masha, Maybe by Catalfo, Mizdragonfly, Monikque Jewellery, Moose&Beaver, Quill & Tine, Skinny Sweats, We to Me, Whitney Eve, and Wren

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