Todays Renaissance Web Series: Fashion Entrepreneur Gail McInnes

When we started blogging 4 years and 8 months ago, the first person who took us seriously was Gail McInnes, a Glasgow-born, Toronto publicist who has worked in Fashion for over 18 years! Gail is the owner of the publicity agency Magnet Creative, co-owner of the fashion showroom, Stylist Box and a Fashion insider and mentor. As we do every once in a while, we stopped by the lovely editorial showroom Stylist Box to visit with Gail, but this time, we took our cameras with us.

We discuss her up-bringing, her determination to make it in Canada and we break down branding! This is the interview for those that want to pursue a fashion career or for those who seek to be inspired. Gail has already achieved so much, and there is much more to come! Enjoy another episode of #TR!

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