Top 10 iPhone Cases: The Madness

Every season we can count on a new pop culture obsession. Its healthy for us to all run towards the latest fad, enjoy it, and after time, get bored of it and take off to the next thing. Right now The Madness surrounds technology. Whether you carry a Blackberry, Android or iPhone (And no, we’re not mentioning flip-phones because we’d would like to think you’ve all moved on past that), you do the best you can with personalizing and protecting your gadget. Especially with an iPhone, which only comes in 1 of 2 colors, is extremely fragile and expensive to repair. To protect & identify our phones, we seek the almighty case that will do the job and make us happy! We did a search for some the craziest, yet adorable, iPhone cases! It’s pretty mad what options are out there for your gadget….

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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