Toronto’s Fashion Connection: Stylist Box!

Toronto is bursting with style talents! To manage and care for the up and comers, and established designers, a division of the publicity agency, Magnet Creative Management presents, Stylist Box a showroom that gives designers the opportunity to connect with fashion stylists, editors and fashion media. Stylist Box was founded by fashion veterans Christian Dare and Gail McInnes.

We took a tour of the showroom that houses designers, including Genevieve Lima, Hilary MacMillan, Laborde Designs, Lucian Matis, Masha, Maybe by Sarah Catalfo, Monikque Jewellery, Moose&Beaver Apparel, and Skinny Sweats. This was a great opportunity to touch and feel the fashion pieces up close. Yes, fashion shows are great, but nothing beats seeing a designer garment or accessory up close in the grasp of your hands. You can see the workmanship and feel the texture of the fabrics, which is so important to any fashion editor or stylist. Located in Toronto’s trendy Dundas West neighbourhood, the exclusive showroom avails the latest fashions and accessories from some of Canada’s hottest brands for red carpet events, special appearances, performances, magazine editorials, music videos, and more.

The Stylist Box is currently interested in meeting more up and coming designers, so make an appointment up and coming Designer! Connections like these build strong careers.

Carcia (HerCastleGirl of with Gail McInnes, co-founder of the Stylist Box. (To the right) the amazing Julio of FashioNights and Daniel Philip!

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Written By Carcia Campbell & Chantel ‘Telly’ Campbell

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