Vogue Uk Takes On Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey the talk of 2012. We’ve predicted that 2012 would be her year so it’s no surprise to us. After shaky, mixed reviews from Lana’s live performance on Saturday Night Live, everyone wonders if this artist is a one trick pony, a manufactured project created to be the American version of Adele, or if she’s just a spoiled rich kid with the right connections. Whatever you thoughts might be, Lana Del Rey is bringing out feelings of good and bad and this is the perfect set up for a successful year. Her album just came out and faster then any other artist we’ve seen, she’s already a VOGUE cover girl. VOGUE UK features Lana on the cover with an exclusive interview and full on pictorial. We thought we’d show off the pictures since we now know modeling is the other side of her career.
By the way, we love Lana Del Rey’s lips. We have naturally full-pouty lips too, and people that make fun are only jealous. Just sayin’.
By Carcia
Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
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