What I Wore: I Like My Ripped Jeans Blue

6 DSC_0361 7 DSC_0362 8 DSC_0363 9 DSC_0364 10 DSC_0365What I Wore: Hat- Winners, Ralph Lauren (similar here), Scarf- Costa Blanca (similar here), Long Cardigan- Fitzroy Boutique (this one is cute too), Blouse – H&M (similar here), Jeans – Bootlegger (similar here), Boots – H&M (similar here)


Carcia Says, “During World MasterCard Fashion Week, there is usually on day where I go totally casual and against the grain. For me this means blue jeans a hat and a sweater of some type. Funny but this tuned out to be the most complimented outfits of the week! Denim can take on any effect, so I always try to steer from normal jeans. I have a huge crush on ripped jeans and long cardigans. I threw an infinity scarf with it and topped it off with a nice hat. Sometimes ‘not thinking’ brings a long the best styling.

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,

Carcia & Telly

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