What I Wore: Playsuit

3 DSC_0361 4 DSC_0362 5 DSC_0366 6 DSC_0368 7 DSC_0369 8 DSC_0371What I Wore: Playsuit- Topshop (another cute one here), Handbag – HEYS (this one is on SALE), Heels – Winners

So you don’t want to wear a dress to that party or special event? How about trying a cute Playsuit? With a fun pair of tights or hosiery you can winer-ize this look. What sold this Romper for me was the color! Winter white or winter beige is so refreshing and it compliments my skin tone when everyone is stuck in the rut of grey.

Did you try a Romper or Playsuit look over the holiday party season? Tell us about it below in the Comments section!


Stilettos & Rock n Roll,

Carcia & Telly

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