World MasterCard Fashion Week: Evan Biddell

One of the most highly anticipated shows of World MasterCard Fashion Week was the Spring Summer 2013 presentation from Evan Biddell who opened his show with a artistic, ambient video showcasing pieces from his latest collection. While watching, Evan tweeted, ‘I dare you to pay attention for five minutes‘. To us, this was genius, because right then and there, we were reminded of how fleeting our attention spans are. So, like unruly children in grade school, we put our phones down and started paying attention. What happened after that was a photographer & blogger dream. Models dressed in gorgeous flowing maxi dresses, chic and short dresses, animal prints and statement earrings walked the runway and started a circle, with every rotation bringing in a new look. Evan’s collection was exotic, well- thought, wearable for the young woman, but unique with modern prints & fabric choices.

Our Favorite Looks From Evan Biddell SS 2013 Collection

Images: Jenna Marie Wakani

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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