World Mastercard Fashion Week: JNBY, Laura Siegel, TATSUAKI, Travis Taddeo


What We Saw: JNBY was a lovely collection to look at as far as movement for the clothes, which had a lovely flow as models moved down the runway. We also loved the prints and pops of green which made its way in the collection. We also like to see the structure of a blazer with the layered blouses and pants.

SS1_3432 SS1_3562 SS1_3584Photos by George Pimentel

1 DSC_0289 2 DSC_0313 3 DSC_0320 4 DSC_0328Photos by HerCastleGirls

Who: Laura Siegel

What We Saw: Tie Dye, like all prints, will be taking over closets for Spring/Summer 2014. Laura has taken the groovy look to a new and Modern level, mixing it with solids and adding the print to our beloved Spring time scarf and wrap. What we love here is the simplicity of wearing these pieces. Its young, fresh and cool.

GPM_1028 GPM_1034 GPM_1101 GPM_1111Photos by George Pimentel


What We Saw: TATSUAKI gave us girls a feminine collection, filled with lace, shorter length dress tails and delicate florals.

GPM_0782 GPM_0791 TAT2231Photos by George Pimentel

Who: Travis Taddeo

What We Saw: Travis Taddeo presented a casual collection styled to perfection with layers and layers of separates. Each look, to our enjoyment, featured a baseball cap. Loved the use of neutral colors for this collection.

SS2_5065 SS2_5097 SS2_5129 SS2_5202 SS2_5224Photos by George Pimentel

 DSC_0260 DSC_0263Photos by HerCastleGirls

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