World Mastercard Fashion Week: Joe Fresh, Matthew Gallagher & Triarchy

Who: Joe Fresh

What We Saw: The collection was based on the white and blue pallet, with many separates for Mens’ and Womens’ wear. We liked the zebra print jacket and the fun play on skirts. There were a few pieces in full red, but the blue and white captured our attention.

1 DSC_1046 2 GPM_2867 3 GPM_2888 3 GPM_2942 4 GPM_3255 5 DSC_1111 6 DSC_1163

Who: Matthew Gallagher

What We Saw: We can boldly say this was the stand out show for us. Gallagher presented a full-on, true Spring Summer Collection. Inspired by travel and warmth, Gallagher gave us beautiful tailoring, bright whites suited for a modern Princess Grace. The designs were simple, yet sophisticated. The entire presentation evoked emotion to getaway!

1 DSC_0917 2 DSC_0919 3 DSC_0935 4 DSC_0942 5 DSC_0945 6 DSC_0954 7 DSC_0973 8 DSC_0990

Who: Triarchy

What We Saw: Triarchy is well known for its cutting edge design in denim. The classic wardrobe piece can take on many forms, and as usual, Triarchy gives us different finishes and washes to the denim fabric.

1 DSC_0771 2 DSC_0780 3 DSC_0785 4 DSC_0805 5 DSC_0815 6 DSC_0902

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,

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