World MasterCard Fashion Week: Melissa Nepton

Melissa Nepton, the established designer who specializes in modern ready-to-wear for women, took the runway over on day 3 of Toronto Fashion Week. This collection gave us knitwear, silks, pants, sweaters and jackets in grey, pastel green, burnt orange, black and white. Again, Melissa Nepton has proved she has a good eye for what makes a piece feminine without being overly obvious. It was also a pleasure to see that her knitwear pieces were just as strong as her silk pieces, showing her ability to switch it up for a vast audience. Here are some of the pieces we enjoyed from the collection!

If you’re going to do the funnel neck, do it large! Love this look- Carcia
This is such a creative, chic, contemporary sweater. Must have. – Telly
People will stop you in your tracks to find out where you purchased this coat. Its a classic look, but the large collar makes it stand out!- Carcia
Love the twisted knit detail here! Another stand out piece. – Telly
Loved the use of pastel green here on a light, flowing fabric! Lovely evening wear. – Carcia
This is just chic, warm, fashionable and French! You can tell Melissa Nepton is from Quebec looking at this gorgeous coat.- Carcia
Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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