Yea or Nay to Wardrobe Recycling?

The economy calls for it.It’s the sensible thing to do when money is tight.
We are talking about Wardrobe Recycling.

Thinking back to the days of my childhood, I remember our mother packing us up in the car to go shopping for yet another gown to wear to another wedding. In one year, my mother would have collected enough gowns to wear to about 7 weddings. Each dress was worn once and there would be no questions about re-wearing the same dress to another event. Heaven’s forbid someone remembers the dress from another shing-ding. 

But that was some time ago, before the war and before the talk of recession. Now its a totally natural thing to wear one dress to as many events as possible, switching up more affordable items like costume jewelry and shoes, however the media still likes to point out the financially prosperous and their short comings of presenting new outfits at every event. Right now, the lady of Wardrobe Recycling seems to be Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. She wears Zara, loves those black wedged heel shoes, and wore her blue skinny jeans a total of seven times during her Canadian Royal visit this past summer. Here are some examples of her “spotted” recycling images. We think this is a responsible woman!
This is what styling is about. How can you wear the same items in different ways? Make those jeans or shoes different each time! Fashion is art after all.
We love recycling fashion! You become SO resourceful this way and you prove your fashion power! What do you think about fashion recycling? Do you think social networking has made it harder? With FB your entire closet for the past 3 or more years is documented in your photos, so everyone knows the dress you wore to uncle Paul’s wedding is the same dress you wore to Jenny’s stagette…..