05072011- this IS gonna hurt

Many people would say the music industry is fleeting and a career in music is not a stable career choice. Those people obviously haven’t read a lot of music industry news lately, haven’t watched Steven Tyler do his judging thing on American Idol, or saw the revival in Johnny Cash’s music when his story, Walk The Line hit the silver screen.
There is another man who can testify that Music can be done without major label intervention and that man is the forever rockin’ Nikki Sixx, the founder, primary songwriter and bassist for Motley Crue.
Chapters Book Store located at Richmond and John St. in Toronto felt the impact of Sixx after surpassing any line-up event EVER May 7th for a 7pm book signing event for This Is Gonna Hurt. Word was the first guy in line got there the night before and slept outside the store. Just so you are aware, Canada is still hitting freezing temperatures overnight, so this guy was just plain DEDICATED.
Telly being the major fan and my friend made it fun to go. I was introduced to Nikki’s other band AND his knowledge in business. Although he’s in his early 50’s Nikki Sixx has embraced the new media and the new format for music marketing today. He has his own music label which releases his band Sixx AM and Motely Crue. Not only was I impressed, but inspired. Rather then casting off the New Age of how things work, Sixx has totally embraced it and boy, is it working!
Little children to grandfathers were in that line. People representing every walk of life proudly stood, made friends, and made that 7 hours fly by.
For the curious:
-We got in line at 3pm
-We didn’t get our signatures until minutes to 10pm
– The book is lovely for words and Nikki’s photography.
– The soundtrack by Sixx AM is FAB. There is a variety of good rock for everyone, even us girlie girls 🙂
– I highly suggest reading Heroin Diaries first. This is Gonna Hurt will mean more to you as it seems like a sequel.
Mind you, no posed photos were allowed.