Actra Awards Ceremony & Gala


blackberry shot, so its a bit dark. surprised the dress looked so curvy here as the dress fit a bit big :p


Telly and I. Burnt Orange Gown- Custom made by Royal Company. Telly’s Blue velvet gown- vintage

And what a night it was!

It was a night of honor and respect for the Toronto actors we have watched and loved for years and for those who have passed but left us with a collection of beautiful film and television.

Late actors Maury Chaykin (Less Then Kind) and Tracy Wright (Trigger) were amoung the winners Friday night. Wright shared the Best Actress win with Molly Parker who was not in attendance that night. Although emotional, the night was a celebration of great talent. Canada is truly blessed with amazing talent on all scopes!

Fashion trends? Myself and our crew went with the long gown, which is always a show stopper as we kept stopping for people to take a closer look at our outfits. Telly went vintage and she totally looked the part of elegance. I went for the long fitted gown in burnt orange so no one would miss me. Not the best choice for dancing, but we looked great! Another trend I saw was the Tutu….. Yes, I mean Black Swan tutu. Natalie Portman has made the cute skirt once for little girls, now a trend for us big girls. I have to admit, if you have the body for it, Go For It, but it really isn’t a look for everyone as you should look like a ballerina to wear it. An alternative would be the longer version of the tutu you see in theatre. This would be more suited for the non-ballet girls, like myself 🙂

Kara Janx tiered dress
$305 –
Tutu dress
$150 –
Feather skirt
$330 –