Best Of 2011: According To Us

Its not easy looking back over the year. Its not easy to even look back over the week! But 2011 was full of stories, events and moments that we can’t simply forget. Let’s break the year down!
Best Red Carpet Look: Emma Watson
Emma Watson was angelic in Oscar de la Renta at the London premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in July of this year. This gown still stand out in our mind as the most GORGEOUS red carpet look of the year.
Best Hair style/cut: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Runner up: Emma Watson
The Duchess shows us that its not so bad being simple and classic. In a world filled with Lady Gaga’s and extreme fashion, Catherine shines with easy to care for color and a simple long layered hair cut. source
Best Dressed Celeb Male: Its a tie between 
David Beckham & Ed Westwick
David Beckham still stands out in Men’s fashion. Yes, its easier for men because their fashion doesn’t move as quickly as women’s fashion, but he brings the suit, jeans, and leather jackets into his personal style so well.
Sure Ed Westwick’s Gossip Girl character, Chuck Bass, has probably influenced his own look, but Ed can get away with risky fashion choices. Full plaid suits aren’t for everyone. Even in New York on a normal non-filming day, Ed puts on a fitted blazer and scarf and carries it with such ease.
Best Dressed Celeb Woman: Emma Stone
It was hard keeping up with Emma Stone this year. She basically did what Rihanna has done two years ago. She hit the fashion trends right every single appearance with no accidents! She even changed her hair color dramatically and didn’t falter as a blonde or redhead. source
Best Albums of 2011: 
 Adele’s 21, Duran Duran’s All You Need Is Now, Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto, Drake’s Take Care, Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light, Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale
Artist’s like Foo Fighters, Duran Duran, Britney Spears and Adele were not expected, by critics, to revive their careers with their new releases this year. Whether they get Grammy nods or not, these artists are making waves now because of the awesome albums they’ve released. Most of these awesome acts will be touring in 2012.
Best Ceremony/Event: The Royal Wedding
Sorry, but you can’t even TRY to take this title away from Prince William and Catherine the Duchess.
Women Who Have Set Themselves up for an Amazing 2012:
Nikki Minaj, Adele, Rooney, Lana Del Ray, Viola Davis, & Pippa Middleton
Music is really taking in so many talented women like Lana Del Rey, Nicki Minaj & Adele! Rooney Mara (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) & Viola Davis (The Help) had breakthrough roles this year, so award season in 2012 will keep them busy! Pippa Middleton has basically taken over as the It Girl this year, so you know her upcoming book will only place her in higher standing in 2012.
Most sensational story of 2011: Kardashian Wedding/ Divorce
Up till now, we aren’t sure if this was all planned for television drama or if this was truly a marriage gone wrong, but Kim Kardashian was the subject of many jokes and entertainment news stories this year. source
Best Fashion Moment of 2011: Toronto LG Fashion Week
Personally, it was all about Toronto LG Fashion Week for us this year! It was the first time we officially covered the event under the ItsMusicFashionLife name! Read more about the shows we personally covered here on the blog.  source
Favorite Blogger of 2011: The Manrepeller
Leandra Medine of, totally gets it. Fashion girls don’t dress for men, they dress for themselves. It was a treat meeting her this year! Read about it here.
Designer of 2011: Alexander McQueens’ Sarah Burton
Sarah Burton proved herself this year, dressing Prince William’s bride and taking designing duties of her former boss Alexander McQueen. Respect. source
Most inspiring People of the Year: Steve Jobs & Jack Layton
It was a loss to the world when Apple Inc. co-founder, Steve Jobs passed away at the young age of 56. He showed us simplicity isn’t so bad when it came to technology & business. Mr. Jack Layton, a Canadian politician and proud Canadian pasted away this year leaving us a letter of pride and hope for our country. It was a sad day when he passed, but he reminds us that even one person can change the world.
By Telly & Carcia
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