Cool Food You Should Try!

What is a day of fun without food? Check out the cool foods we’ve had the pleasure of tasting recently. Most are health conscious as well! Bonus.

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Neal Brothers Foods create tasty snacks including chips and Salsa (above & below). Even if you’re not a major Chip & Dip fan, you’ll appreciate the flavor of our favorites, Maple Bacon flavor chips and the Tomatillo Salsa.

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Southbrook Vineyards (below) is Canada’s first certified biodynamic & organic winery. its delicious and you feel great drinking a wine produced only a few hours away from the city.

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A coffee for turning down? Yes, there is such a thing! Counting Sheep offers a bedtime blend, perfect for the coffee worshipper who wants a cup of java before turning in for the night.

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If you drink milk or if chicken is a must have in your life, you may want to find Rolling Meadow products. The Rolling Meadow treats animals right, feeding them with grass in a non-toxic environment.

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A healthy and rich alternative to juice is Zpirit. Zpirit Infuzion is the the first bottled water in Canada to uniquely blend both herbs and real fruits!1 IMG_1559

Station Cold Brew Coffee is approved by us! Forget the fast food versions of cold coffee. This is the real brew everyone needs to stock up on. Learn more here!

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So, so good! We’ve been fans of ChocolaChocola for a long time now and the latest flavors need to be stored away in your cupboards for yourself and guests. Don’t you love these cheeky names? Hot Bitch and Green with Envy are our favorites, but we’d eat the entire table if we had no self control.

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While stopping in on The Urban Gallery’s ART OF FOOD event, we met Urban Source Catering‘s fabulous chef , Chef Lyndon. Check out this colorful and delicious table set-up? His food presentation was a HIT with guests.


This is what you give to your guests who dislike plain mustard. Whisky & Spice turn the flavor on it’s head here with booze infused mustard’s. Each one has a unique and tasty flavor! Might I add that Whisky & Spice will be at our #GlamNFab Pop-Up Holiday Event? Mark November 23rd in your calendars and see you at The Gladstone Hotel on Queen Street West!


The smoothest Stout we’ve ever tried! Black Creek Historic Brewery offered us a glass at The Urban Gallery’s ART OF FOOD event!



Any other cool foods in Toronto we should try? Let us know! We’re totally down to try!


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