You can’t really ignore the resurgence in the love of Boy Bands. Every few years young girls go wild for 4 or 5 guys who harmonize, synchronize and hypnotize to push music and merchandise sales. We knew it was coming. Justin Bieber alone on stage isn’t enough, right? Right now it’s all about The Wanted and One Direction. The last groups to make it big with this formula was N’SYNC, The Jonas Brothers, and Backstreet Boys who in fact, still have an audience that buy out venues for the Backstreet’s Back hit makers today. I started to think about how many teen heartthrobs have come and gone, or came and stayed. Check out this BIG BOPPER magazine from May of 1989 for instance. Yes, that was 23 years ago…

Johnny Depp: He’s at the height of his career right now, and we still adore him. In 1989 Johnny was making girls blush on 21 Jump Street.

Def Leppard: I think they are due for a comeback. Perhaps a tour? Yes, the band will be touring next year, with another hair band, Poison.

Debbie Gibson: Debbie was just fired by Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice last week.

New Kids On The Block: They completed a successful tour with Backstreet Boys recently. Each member has dabbled in acting or other ventures in business, but no word on what’s next for these guys as a group.

Chad Allen: He’s still acting. Most recently, he’s appeared in soap operas.

Alyssa Milano: Her career has been steady, especially for being a child star. She owns a sports apparel company, starred in the hit drama Charmed, and she is set for a new show in 2013, Mistresses.

Corey Haim: Canadian actor Corey Haim and his sidekick, Cory Feldman ruled the late 1980’s and early nineties. Corey H. even dated Alyssa Milano for awhile, but unfortunately he passed away March 10 2010.

Looking at what time has done for our former “heartthrobs” there is no telling what the future holds for the latest Big Bopper cover subjects, but we plan on being around 20-30 years from now to let you know.


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By Carcia & Telly
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