COVER IT: Brooke Shields on TIME

It was February 9th, 1981 and the It Girl at the time was TIME Magazine’s cover girl Brooke Shields, former child star and Michael Jackson‘s dream girl. Brooke was what every girl needed to be in the 1980s: The girl next door with dramatic make-up, big hair and thick brows! Yes kids, this is where the thick brow look came from. The dramatic brow look is back in Fashion with the use of brushes, gels, and less make-up for a natural look. It’s always fun to go back and see the birth of a trend. Now here’s a shocker for you. How old do you think Brooke was in this cover shot with all this make-up? She was only 16. Yes, she was only SIXTEEN years old. Just goes to show too much make-up adds years to the face…..
 Modern take of the thick brow look. Notice the lack of make-up. All the attention is on your eyes.
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