Evanescence @ Sound Academy, Toronto

Telly and I took in a grand rock show headlined by Evanescence at Toronto’s Sound Academy. Remember Evanescence? They had numerous hits in the early to mid 2000s and picked up two Grammys off their first album Fallen and now Evanescence are back on a comeback tour! There’s a new line-up with founding member and lead vocalist Amy Lee, but the electronic rock sound is elevated and even richer then before.
The show opened up with Rival Sons who totally took us back to the groove of 1970s rock and The Pretty Reckless, fronted by former Little J of Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen. Both bands performed with high energy and the crowd really did responded to both bands music. After hearing two songs from Rival Son, we became fans! Our entire crew agreed they were a standout band. Pretty Reckless put on a good show and they have the foundation for creating good music. Taylor can sing and she is verra confident on stage, but they are a young band and still growing. We think the best is yet to come for Pretty Reckless.
As for Evanescence? They are back!
Amy Lee’s voice is just as angelic and melodious as it was on their first record and the band is tight. We highly recommend catching Evanescence on the road and you should get their new album, Evanescence.
Check out their new single What You Want.
Gotta say though, Amy Lee and Taylor Momsen’s stage wardrobes gave us some great ideas for Halloween!
Dark, Mysterious & Sexy…in a rock-goth way.
Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
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