The Crucifix symbolizes Christianity, Jesus Christ, death, rebirth, resurrection, and it scares the hell out of Vampires! The Crucifix is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. For some, it brings joy, for others, it brings anger or reverence. Fashion, which takes from real-life, has used the cross as an accessory for decades. Some people are offended by the symbol being used in a fashion setting, but more than ever, more people are embracing the use of the cross on clothing and accessories. We call it Crucifix Fashion! The simple shape of lines crossed over each other is perfect for fashion. Fashion designer, Jeremy Scott is a HUGE fan of the crucifix and uses the symbol throughout many of his collections.

Earrings, prints on clothes, tights, shoes are sporting the religious symbol this season…

LOOKBOOK.NU Peeps LOVE The Crucifix Trend!

(clockwise) Jenn P of Buenos Aires, Bernadette F of Elm St., and Pam S of Poland sported crosses on recently.

More CROSS finds!

Linda Farrow Crucifix sunglasses By Jeremy Scott
Wreckless Cross Tank
Jewel Cross Sweat
Deena & Ozzy Cross Belt
Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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