Get A Hollywood Look for Halloween! By Victoria our Beauty Insider

You’ve run out of ideas and time for Halloween costume ideas? No worries! Check out our Beauty Insider’s How-to for a great Cleopatra look and Jean Harlow Look!

Cleopatra, The Egyptian Beauty

Step 1:
Skin. Prep and prime your skin and lids.
Step 2:
Brows. With an angle brush, create a strong and elongated brow.  Using a dark brown or black brow powder, begin with the end of your brow and elongate. With small strokes build the color throughout the brow until you achieve the desired intensity.

Step 3:

Eyeshadow. After priming lids apply a turquoise shade of your choice to the lid and blend up to the brow bone.

Note: Powder eyeshadow is a subtle approach to this look. A creme/paint will show more intensity and authenticity to the color and look.

Use gold shadow to highlight under your brow and on the bottom lash-line (after eyeliner is applied) to tie the look together.

Step 4:

Eye Liner. Use a Gel Liner. Gel liners work best for this type of look because you have better control of where the product is going.

Rim the upper and lower eye with a black kohl liner. Waterline included.

Extend liner from underneath your eye. Use the end of your brow as a guideline and don’t extend past it. Add a triangle shaped design at the end.

Step 5:

Foundation. Use a matte base and set with a loose powder.

Step 6:
Cheeks. Contour with a matte bronzer of choice. (Benefits Hoola).

Apply a matte orange tone blush to cheekbones.

Step 7:
Lips. For a modern twist try a warm nude lipstick with an orange undertone.
Here’s What You Need!
Cargo mac pencil makeup forever

Modernize your Cleopatra look!
Modernize your Cleopatra look!
The Cleopatra look can be as dramatic as you want it to be.
The Cleopatra look can be as dramatic as you want it to be.

 Jean Harlow

The original Blonde bombshell


Step 1 – Brow Blocking

The thirties were all about a very high, narrow and arched brow. To achieve this look you must block your brows and draw a thin line above your natural brow.

There are various ways to achieve this look. The easier way is actually done with a glue stick.

Brush brows with a spoolie brush downwards, apply the glue stick and then brush upwards to insure they are saturated.

Proceed to flatten them as flat as possible with a metal spatula lightly pressing into your skin in an upwards motion.

Set with a translucent powder and begin concealing with a yellow based corrector to neutralize the darkness of your brows.

Step 2 – Eyes

Apply a white shadow to the lid and define the eye with a neutral shade in a medium brown or grey to the crease and blend.

Step 3 – Lashes

Choose falsies on top such as (ardell 105, see below) add lashes to the lower lash line to create that (ardell 112, see below).

Step 4 – Skin

Go a tad lighter with a foundation to give your skin that milky complexion. Remember to go over the brows carefully to blend it all in. Finish with a loose powder and slightly contour the cheeks with a flesh toned color.

Step 5 – Adding The Brow

Use a cake liner with a thin tipped eyeliner brush. If you’re not too steady with your hands a brow pencil will also do the trick.

Create a rounded brow above your natural brows. Extend outwards a little further then where your natural brow would end.

Step 6 – Lips

This look wouldn’t be complete without Jean’s signature red lip. Add a touch of white eyeshadow to the cupids bow to emphasize the lip shape. Fill in lips with a clear liner to avoid the color bleeding outside the lip line. Fill in with a true red such as NARS red lizard.

Step 7 – Hair

Finish off the look by creating a deep side part and faux bob with loose finger waves. A short platinum blonde wavy wig will also do the trick!

Here’s What You Need!

Lash 1 Lash 2 pic 3 Pic Four Red lipstick


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