Hard Rock Café Hosts Rockabilly Legends

Here at ItsMusicFashionLife.com we have a deep respect for the rockers and rollers who lived rock n roll before it became a career choice option. Singers and musicians of the 1950s era didn’t have experienced agents or stylists to turn to to build their image or brand. These rockers really were the first! This is why we were so excited to learn that we were invited to the The Hard Rock Café meet musician WS ‘Fluke’ Holland who helped record hit records with Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins and Ronnie Hawkins who brought Yonge Street Strip to life in the early days of live music in Toronto. WS ‘Fluke’ Holland who made rock history drumming for music legends in 1956, which gave birth to the Million Dollar Quartet.

Fluke and Ronnie pose with the ladies before their Q&A session.

You must have heard about the new Broadway show Million Dollar Quartet, now showing in Toronto! The two legends were in town to celebrate the show & the history they were a part of. The rock history between the two of these musicians is enough to get any rock historian salivating at the mouth! Remember the hit film, Walk The Line (2005) starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon? WS Fluke Holland was in the film! Played by Clay Steakley. He has played on some of Johnny Cash’s greatest hits including Ring of Fire and Folsom Prison Blues. Ronnie Hawkins, a southerner who made it big here in Ontario, Canada, has had numerous hits including Who Do You Love. Not only does he have 25 albums under his belt, but he’s mentored and hosted some serious talent. In 1969, Ronnie was John Lennon & Yoko Ono‘s host in Mississauga, Ontario! They stayed in his home.  Both Fluke and Ronnie did a question and answer period and you can see that they are still excited about music. Ronnie premiered a new music video for a song titles, Ole Love and Fluke spoke about how his career has stayed alive through films, Walk The Line and now the Million Dollar Quartet. No retirement for these two!

Above- Carcia, Ronnie Hawkins & Telly, Bottom- Carcia, WS 'Fluke' Holland & Telly
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