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Hip Hop music has been through many chapters in music and pop culture. Now considered mainstream, we see new, creative, sometimes, alternative rappers coming on to the scene with their own unique sound and story. We introduce you to rapper, Trew Music, born in Prince George, Virgina grew up listening to a variety of music, influencing him to become a music major while making regular visits to New York. The up and comer had New York based labels RockBoy & Roc-a-Blok Records help release his debut album The Big Chill and now he creating soundtracks for Sony Motion Pictures, playing festivals and modeling for clothing companies such as Ecko and LAYOP. We had a chat with Trew about his musical career journey, his love for fashion and what it means to his career.

Cardigans are one of Trew Music`s fashion favorites


When did music become the goal as a career? I understand you’re childhood was a heavy influence on your love of music.

I’ve always loved music! I think it hit me the hardest during my first year of college. No matter what major I picked, I wasn’t happy. It even reached a point where I was staying out late and going to different clubs just to battle artists. I was missing classes and didn’t want to waste anymore money.

Every artist, in every genre, hopes to get that big break. Looking back, what moment would you consider a breakthrough for your career?

I think I’ve been lucky enough to have several. My first manager Ryan Kuper set a standard on how business should be done and got me going. My second was working with WordsWorth , Skibeatz and Nottz. Working with artists and producers at that level, that care a lot about their music and creativity, not only inspires, but shows you how to enhance your art. My third is working with Ariel Publicity. You can make music all day long, but you need help if you want people to hear it.

How did Fashion become such an important element in your art? Some rappers come in the game with no vision for what they should do with fashion or their look.

People hate to hear it, but music is about branding. How you dress and look should reflect your sound. But I’ve always been into watches and jeans. I realized long ago how crazy you can look wearing big logos on your clothing! I think it’s been a lifestyle thing for me. Plus women love a sharply dressed man.

Right now, what fashions and style trends are you obsessed with?

It really depends on the occasion. I love cardigans, suits, converse, scarfs, jeans that fit but not ultra skinny or baggy. The designers and clothing lines I’ve been into lately are Perry Ellis , Kenneth Cole, Obey, Layop and Cardigans and Cigars. I like to be comfortable and classy.  The fit is so important! I see a lot of people dressing in unflattering clothes sometimes.

Hustle and ambition will take you far. Where does your confidence come from?

Definitely the gym! I workout more now than I ever have. It helps relieve stress and helps with my stage shows as well. It’s also an added bonus to look great in your clothes!

You are an interesting artist, just because you studied music, and you’re a music major. Do you feel this side of you helps the inbred talent you have?

Thank You! It definitely helps. I go insane when I hear bad pitches or if something is tuned incorrectly. I think live instruments give tracks more depth. I want you to lose yourself when you listen to my music and I think my knowledge of theory helps.

When you started out, did you have an idea of who you wanted to be as rapper? Or did that take time to figure out?

I thought I did. I actually avoided using instruments and my music knowledge for a while. I feel as a rapper, sometimes you are more boxed in. You can be frowned upon if you do something different, so I shyed away. I took a few years off and toured with other genres out of pure frustration. I added the alternative music to hip hop when I talk about my music just to show its something different. I have to be a musician on my own terms.

What is in the plan for rest of 2012? New releases? Tour? New albums or singles?

I’m going to release a lot more music through mixtapes, on my Facebook ,website and soundcloud pages. I’m putting together a band as well, because I want to play with a full band, musicians and a DJ. I’m extremely excited for the future.


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December 17, 2012 at 1:22 pm

Dope interview and his music is nice as well