Inspiration Is: James Bond, 007

Our father grew us up on gangster films and action films. He always talked about his youth, desperately wanting to see the latest James Bond flick. Yes, 007 lived the life that every young man, and now every young woman, wanted to live. He had the clothes, the car, the sexy girl, the various passports to appear and disappear into any foreign country he desired. I’m sure that no one thought James Bond would ever become an important figure to pop culture when he was created in 1953. James Bond became a symbol of the ultimate hero. All the women want him, and all the men want to be him. Hey! If the man is still relevant after 50 years he must be doing something right. We look back at the inspiration who is James Bond, Code Name 007. Insert Bond Soundtrack here….

The Players & Their GUNS

Actors Sean Connery (pictured), George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan (pictured), Daniel Craig (pictured) have portrayed Bond throughout the years.

The Suits

Although Bond did a casual, leisure look every now and then, it was his Suits that made him most memorable. From the '3 Piece' to the 'Double Breast', Bond showcased the times, still carrying the elegance and class of men's wear design. The Key to Bond's suit greatness is the FIT. Men, please take the time to alter your suits to fit. Even an affordable suit can look dapper if the cut is right. If you have the cash, custom made suits are best!

 Here’s a VIDEO to learn more about BOND’s suits & style. MUST See.

Casual Bond

Bond keeps it classic in simple, clean cut items! Light pants, button downs, v-neck t-shits and cardigans. It's a Mature look, but it is TIMELESS as the first Bond (Connery) and the latest Bond (Craig) wear the same style, decades apart.

BOND Girls

Yes we LOVE Bond’s style, but you cannot forget the style and names of the Bond Girl who is always gorgeous, sexy and mysterious! Like Bond, Bond Girls are always on trend, showcasing the best of the decades style and fashion.

Bond Girls have their Bikinis ready, their evening gowns pressed, jewels to accessorize and attitude to lure Bond under the covers. Some Bond Girl names include, May Day, Domino Derval, Honey Ryder, Solitaire and....Pussy Galore, and no, I'm not joking.

We’ll see where Bond takes us in the next couple of decades.

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
Written By Carcia 
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