MAD MEN: Fashion & Television Unite Again!

The Ladies of Mad Men will delight us again this coming Sunday night for a new season! We are breaking down Betty’s, Joan’s and Peggy’s style. Why? Because it’s fun.


Miss Priss style. Betty is the picture perfect image of a housewife, but don’t scratch the surface. Perfection is key with Betty Draper. It symbolizes her character and helps us understand her short comings. Her make-up is never off, and her hair is always perfectly set and brushed.
The pleats and wide skirt on this dress is not only true to its time, but rare to find today. So much handy work and fabric went into creating these looks.
Betty can do what many wouldn’t dare. She can wear a full on floral dress. Pink and blue floral at that. We love her gloves, pearls and white framed sunglasses, which have totally made a come back.


Joan is the Bombshell! She shows us the power of a well tailored sheath dress. She covers up modestly, but her dresses still give enough to leave a guy wondering and wanting more.
Joan’s hair is usually up, because she means business. She understands clothes, in her time period, can make the work place love her or hate her. (Remember the hell the guys in the office gave Peggy when she was pregnant and not aware of it?). Cheers to the raised (high) waistline on this tweed skirt! It really shows off Joan’s figure. 
Joan also uses wide necklines, and sweetheart shaped necklines to bring the eyes to her shoulders and chest area. Not only is it flattering to the neck, but it helps balance out the rest of her va-voom figure. Embrace the curves, ladies! There’s nothing wrong with them and they make you beautiful!


Peggy is a working girl who wants up the ladder. She’s young, trying to prove herself amongst cocky, narcissistic Ad Man and unlike Joan or Betty, she’s not looking to please a man, so Peggy is a blank canvas who literally grew up on the job. Gone are the pony tail, the skirt and blouse, and overly “girly” dresses.
We see more plaids, and dark colors, both narrow and wide skirts on Peggy, but nothing beating Betty’s wide skirts.
Peggy is a total adult, embracing a pillow hat to finish off her classic look.

Which Mad Men girl are you? We really enjoy Joan’s style, just because its SO wearable and modern. Hope this awakens all the creativity in you to search out your closet and show the world who you are!


Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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