My Closet: All I Want To Do

Blouse: MinkPink, purchased through PAVLYN Boutique, Tights: Queen Street West purchase, Earrings: Little Burgandy

What girl doesn’t like getting away with wearing a billowy top? This blouse caught my eye when I lifted it off the rack and saw the pleated detail in the back. Obviously, this blouse is not for the days to wear your long hair down. Make a cute Top knot! This shirt is for the updo, short hair, or in my case, none! To set off the coolness, I paired the blouse with these criss-cross tights, high wedged shoes with gold studs and long, fun long earrings. You can bet this shirt will be worn as much as possible!

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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