My Closet: Baby, Keep On Rockin’




Funny how the weather works. Two weeks ago I thought I’d put the wool skirts away, but here we are in wools and knits once again. The kilt I’m wearing here, believe it or not, is from my childhood days in private school (similar here). Of course, I appreciate it a lot more now, but as a teeny-bopper I despised it. The adorable hat I’m wearing here was a Christmas present from Telly from Nine West (similar here). The cute handbag was purchased on sale from H&M. The belt I’m wearing is from years ago, purchased from JACOB. This belt was worth every penny as I wear it with everything! It was worth the cost. Love hunter green, but I think its high time for bright spring green. Let SPRING officially begin!

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia 
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