My Closet: Find My Way Back Home

Styled By Carcia, Photos By Telly

Dress: Jacob, Belts: Vintage, Sports Bra: Wal-Mart, Jewelry: a mix of vintage and bangles from Aldo.

This dress, on its own, is lovely. It is the essence of minimalism, but the dress is also the perfect canvas for something different, with the addition of a simple accessory.

It all started with a Sports Bra.

After a workout, I decided it would be cool to jump on the athletic bandwagon and use the sports bra as a styling tool, trying to make it appear elegant. I paired the bra with this dress, knowing it would cover the exposed shoulders and peek through as an added panel to the dress. The look was simple, but I thought I could go further, and I thought about combat and warriors, so this led to the addition of belts across the body. To continue the edge, I added animal print booties.




Sports Bra


 Stilettos & Rock n Roll,

Written By Carcia & Photographed By Telly
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