ODYSSEO: Taking A Dream Voyage

Cavalia‘s new production, ODYSSEO, will thrill, move, and amaze you. We were given an amazing opportunity to sit in on the media preview of ODYSSEO, a show that merges equestrian arts, acrobatics, visual effects and live music under a huge Big Top tent that stands 125 feet tall, and covering 100,000 square feet of land at Toronto’s Port Lands.

Cavalia and ODYSSEO founder, Normand Latourelle, created a world where humans and horses travel through cultural adventures together. This spectacular live show featured 6 scenes filled with dancers, stilters, riders, beautiful projected imagery and gorgeous horses who not only stole the show, but stole the hearts of the entire audience. Time didn’t register when watching this show! When our 45 minute preview was over, we asked ourselves, “It’s finished? Already?” The show is set for seven dates, running until June 3rd.

Words can’t explain what it’s like to see an animal take direction without wipes or a saddle, moving to live music! The show really gives you an idea of the bond between humans and horses. We had to thank ODYSSEO‘s performers, actors, and musicians for sharing their talents with us once the show was over! And yes, we pet the horses. We just couldn’t help it! Take a look at some video we took of our favorite parts from the show and be sure to visit Cavalia.net for ticket information.

Media Preview Video: ODYSSEO

Visually stunning!

We want to thank The Rider magazine for introducing us to this amazing show!

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