The Event: Lip Service By Mai Ismail

You cannot deny the talents of the young visual artist, Mai Ismail. Taking on the sexiness of James Bond films and showcasing the woman as the heroic, ultimate spy, Ismail impressed Toronto art appreciators last night at Everyone Is An Artist studio with his exhibit LIP SERVICE. We took pictures and video of his exhibit featuring his work in paints, photography, comic illustration and video. The show literally started right at the door before entering the exhibit. Ismail took over the kitchen and bathroom of the space with black paint illustrations which made a great pathway to the main room of walls showcasing projected video, graffiti, and photography of the female spies on a mission!
The wall of art tells a story of heroic spy girls! Love it!
Mai became interested in video through participating in other projects. Since then, he put together a video for the exhibit.
The pink series of images. The painting to the right reminds us of Grace Jones, one of our favorite people.


 Excuse the sound here. The music almost drowned out our conversation.
As Mai mentioned, we spend most of our still time in the kitchen & and bathroom, so why not rest our artistic ideas in the place were they were first born? Well thought philosophy we think.
Please visit for more information. Huge thanks to Kyle Kofsky of EIA.


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