The Event: PAINT MY CANDY By Jessica Gorlicky for BAMBOOZLE

PAINT MY CANDY is the chocolate factory you always dreamed of, complete with eye candy, music and enough visual stimulation to inspire! Call her Willy Wonka if you want, but Toronto artist Jessica Gorlicky brings on the sweets through her artistic talents in visual and live art at Seven Continents BAMBOOZLE event.
Jessica’s work has been well-received, working with Cirque de Soleil and the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Her influence is expanding throughout Canada in over 20 locations including fashion boutiques, art galleries and basically every trendy space you can think of.
Telly and myself were whisked off in a golf cart that¬†took us to Gorlicky’s artistic wonderland of an art exhibit, PAINT MY CANDY. Once we stepped off the cart and into the huge 10,000 square foot space, we were ready to escape! Our first visual was what seemed to be a mannequin in a bathtub surrounded by art designed with candy. You could only believe our shock, when the “mannequin” turned her head to meet with our gaze. From that moment, we could tell what PAINT MY CANDY was all about: Freedom, Fun, Expression, Color and Pop!
Take a look through our pictures taken at the event! Jessica Gorlicky’s vision is so funky, modern and glamorous! Words can not fully express, so images are the next best thing.
Our ride to PAINT MY CANDY
The view from behind our moving golf cart
Our journey into JessGo’s PAINT MY CANDY fully begins!!
Jessica Gorlicky herself. Isn’t she cute?
Live videos of Jessica painting the models were showcased throughout the evening, projected on to the huge walls. Gorgeous butterflies, created by Jessica filled the ceiling of the exhibit.
Yes, a dinosaur was in the room.
The lovely Torontonian fashion model, Renee Thompson was showing off her paint through the night. All body paint was done by the skilled & creative Jessica.
Interactive art rocks! We had fun becoming a part of art candy in Jessica’s art piece
yep, us trying to blend in with the cool mannequins
oh yeah, a polar bear was there too.
You want more, don’t you? Good thing we uploaded all the images for you to check out on our photobucket album and Facebook!
You can see the amazing PAINT MY CANDY exhibit personally by private appointment throughout October and November. Stop by to learn more about Jessica Gorlicky, and schedule appointments.
Capture JessGo’s freedom of expression!
Personal note here: HUGE thanks to Jessica Gorlicky and Gail McInnes for being so awesome.
Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
Carica & Telly!

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