Musically Crushing: Depeche Mode’s ‘Delta Machine’

Back then….

Depeche Mode, The English Electronia band founded in 1980 is back with a new album release that captures their true fans, and new listeners alike. The album opens with Welcome to My World and ends with the song Goodbye; I know that sounds non-eventful, but I like how they were clever to use common sense and simplicity (which is rare, believe it or not).

Aside from the clever opening and closing of the album, the track-list tells a story and takes you on a journey of emotion. Depeche Mode‘s first single off this album Heaven, has a cool dreary sound to it, like grunge for Electronica music. Check out the music video to hear it for yourself and watch for David Gahan awesome leather jacket in this video too. Heaven touches on the tried and true feeling of deep passionate, sincere love. It’s all about deep, passionate and  sincere love. The songwriter is letting go of all the feelings that were holding him back and committing to the feelings of love. Although the music makes you think about sadness, the words mean the complete opposite.

Right Now!
Favorites off the album
Secret to the End
Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
Soothe My Soul

For die-hard DM fans, I do encourage you to grab the deluxe album, the 4 extra tracks are worth hearing. My favorite out of the 4 would be Happens All The Time. Depeche is on tour This Summer.

Written By Chantel Telly Campbell

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