World MasterCard Fashion Week: Day 3!


Mackage gave us all the of Lights, Fashion and Music to excite a FULL crowd on Day 3 of World MasterCard Fashion Week! Dubstep tracks blasted through the runway speakers, setting the scene for a hot show, featuring Black, Red, Plums and Whites in coats, jackets, wool skirts and leather. Being Canadian, you can’t deny the fact that a fashionable winter coat is a must. Mackage is so good at giving us the puffer coat in high fashion. It’s the details in the fur embellished hoods, zippers and cuts that make the coats above average. Check  out our favorite looks from the show!



ASHTIANI has such a strong brand and look that carries through the seasons. The label masters the sheer, the cut-outs, the chic meets athletic, and the masculine meets feminine. We loved the use of color and shapes, zippers and those capes that came down the runway! Check out the latest looks from ASHTIANI.



Christopher Bates presented his collection in such a unique way, personally narrating each look to a full studio audience at World MasterCard Fashion Week. The menswear designer really captured our attention last season, presenting with Mercedes Benz. The Christopher Bates line is all about bringing on the elegant sexy man. This is how we want our boyfriends and lovers to dress. We loved the overcoats with zipper closures, the denim shirts, the sport jackets with black on black working oh-so well…we could go on, but Chris has a great eye for the ‘little’ things, which makes his line one of the strongest we’ve seen on day 3 of WMCFW. Here are our favorite looks!


Joe Fresh, everyone’s favorite day to day brand, presented a collection unlike the commercials we see right now. Actually, it’s the complete opposite, which is fine with us! We love surprises. Models were very ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’, meaning dark, street, and edgy. The collection included your classic turtle necks paired with white skirts, embellished with a simple chain. Another absolute favorite for us was the black velvet pants with patches of glitter on the front. Looking forward to grabbing the white, overly studded jacket as well. Joe Fresh is continuing to deliver exactly what the consumer wants and you can bet you’ll be shopping Joe Fresh coming this fall because some of the pieces are irresistible. Stand out looks below!

Joe Fresh

All Images Taken By George Pimentel/Getty Images for IMG. Permission authorized.

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