The Oscars: A Curse or Blessing?

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Last month, Jennifer Lawrence and newly wed Anne Hathaway took home the cherished Oscar Prize at The Academy Awards. We celebrated and congratulated the young actresses on their captivating performances, and they took a gold trophy home. Question is, is the Gold Man, known as Oscar, a curse or a blessing? Unfortunately, history shows that many Academy Award winning actresses end up alone once Oscar comes home. The curse is better known as, ‘The Best Actress Curse’.

The former Cruel Intentions A-List Couple, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe had a Hollywood love story! Two gorgeous blonds who fell in love and had lovely children. After Reese Witherspoon took home the Best Actress award for Walk The Line, it was discovered that Ryan was cheating, sleeping around with another actress. Amongst the drama of divorce, Reese was now guaranteed a raise in pay (multi-millions) and a chance to choose her roles, meaning that she could dump the whole auditioning process. But she lost the love of her life. Fast forward a few years and Reese has a new man and a new baby addition to her family. But you have to wonder why this sort of thing always happens to actresses who win Oscar gold. Another good example is Sandra Bullock who won for The Blind Side and lost her man Jesse James. Sandra had to take off with her adoptive baby boy to heal from the heartache. Hilary Swank lost her man, Rob Lowe, after winning an Oscar for Boys Don’t Cry and Million Dollar Baby performances. Even the sexy Halle Berry lost her husband, Eric Benet after winning an Oscar for Monster’s Ball.

The list is long! Including Charlize Theron (Won for Monster, lost boyfriend Stuart Townsend), Julia Roberts (Won For Erin Brockovich, lost boyfriend Benjamin Bratt), Kate Winslet (Won for The Reader, lost husband Sam Mendes), Helen Hunt (Won for As Good as It Gets, lost Hank Azaria), Barbra Streisand (Won for Funny Girl, lost husband Elliott Gould), Emma Thompson (Won for Howards End, lost husband Kenneth Branagh). The list can go on, but I’m already tired of typing names!

Could it be that one-sided success makes the man stray? Most actresses date actors, who also hope too, to one day, win an Oscar of their own. Could jealously lead to cheating? Tatum O’Neal was the youngest person ever to win an Academy Award. She won at the age of 10 for her performance in Paper Moon opposite her father Ryan O’Neal who was up-staged by his daughter, not winning an Oscar. According to Tatum and the press, Ryan, her father, started to resent her! The two have had a strained relationship ever since. The strangest thing about it all is, Men usually don’t lose their wives or girlfriends after an Oscar win. Just a little food for thought. Is our society still against woman making a major impact on their own? Why does it seem like a man can’t deal with a successful wife or partner?

What is it about the Oscar that scares loved ones away? The media attention? The admiration from fans? A busy schedule that takes the Oscar winner away from home? New business opportunities that make the actress overly occupied with other matters? Maybe its all timing! Hollywood marriages don’t last long anyway, but why AFTER Best Actress winnings? Either way, something changes in the air when you win an Oscar. Jennifer Lawrence is recently single, so we hope Anne Hathaway’s relationship can survive the addition of an Oscar at home.

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