Beautiful World: Empowers Children To Greatness

The foundation, Beautiful World hosted a cocktail hour and dinner at the luxurious Liberty Grand, raising funds and bringing awareness to the needs of children abroad who live in sad conditions, some without parental guidance. Our evening started with a media reception where we chatted with Much Music personalities and Toronto fashion designer, Rachel Sin. You will see our photo time below. After the reception, guests sat down to a 5 course meal while being entertained and educated. We asked Founder of Beautiful World Canada, Sara Dunkley what things do we as Canadians take for granted, that children in war ridden countries need…

“They have no mattresses, they sleep on the floor, they have no electricity. In Canada we don’t appreciate our houses, we don’t appreciate our heating, we don’t appreciate our electricity. Even the safety and security here; we leave our houses and we send our children to school or take them out to different places, we know there safe.”

We were also very inspired after speaking with CNN Hero and Founder of Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project, Twesigye Jackson Kajuri who had us thinking about what more we could do as Canadians to help efforts overseas. His charity acts as an advisor to Beautiful World. We were upfront in asking Jackson about why he decided to be associated with Beautiful World…

“If Beautiful World were taking advantage, I wouldn’t be associated. We came up with a mandate and we tell them what the children need to prepare them for a better future. They listen to me because I know the life, and I understand what the children face.”

We then asked him what makes all the work worth it, what is the most rewarding thing about being involved? He proceeded to play a video on his smart phone of children graduating from school with hopes to be whatever they want to be because they have a choice. He said orphaned children had grandparents who died with a wish to see their children educated.


Pop Star Jesse Giddings and Much Music‘s Phoebe Dykstra.

The evening left us thinking about the importance of assistance and support for charities. Beautiful World not only needs money, but they need bodies and hands that are willing to work towards change. The vision of children in mud, covered in flies doesn’t show progress, but watching children in a video march towards their graduation day in their cap and gowns show us where our money and thoughts are going. Just a thought.

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