M.Sexton RTW Accessories: IPhone Cases

M.Sexton has come so far since we spoke to Myles Sexton a year ago! We can’t help be celebrate our talented friend’s latest item, IPhone cases, but in M.Sexton Style! Each Case is a silicone base with studs added down the center. The silicone base allows the studs flexibility, so you can put your phone in your coat pocket. Yep, the studs don’t get in the way! If you’re in the Toronto Downtown area, you need to visit The Store On Queen (TSOQ) and purchase your M.Sexton IPhone case.

This would be a perfect match for my M.Sexton Ring which uses the same shape stud.
So fierce! This case is a head turner. Who needs a clutch? Just carry your phone!
There are so many varieties of styles! You can get any shape stud imaginable in any finish (gold or silver).


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By Carcia & Telly
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