Episode 2 | HerCastle’s RoundTable | The Age of The Influencer

We now live in an age where to obtain Influence is the ultimate power. Reminiscent to Scarface character (1983) Tony Montana’s mantra of “getting the money, then the power, then the women…” we still seek validation and fame to this very day in 2019. The only change is, no one is looking to be a gangster or a drug dealer. In this case, people want to become The Influencer. In this episode of HerCastle’s Roundtable, we are, in a way, biting the hand that feeds, talking about how the word, “Influencer” is being seen as a Bad Word. We discuss our thoughts on the term, and how it came about, we talk about Netflix’s The American Meme which focuses on the affect of being an Influencer and the consequences of loosing control.