How To Get That ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look!

Toronto Makeup Artist, Victoria Fedosoff gives us the steps to achieving the ‘No Makeup’ makeup look…

The ‘No Makeup’ makeup look has to be one of my all time favourite applications to do. It’s a classic look that is essential to every woman and will never go out of style! I love letting a clients true beauty shine through by accentuating their best features with the magic of a little makeup.

Victoria's No Makeup look on a model


First step for any flawless beauty look is to insure you cleanse, tone (if oily) and moisturize before applying any product.

Remember foundation is not to be used to “mask” your face, but to even out skin tone. Opt for a tinted moisturizer, or you can even mix your regular foundation with a bit of your daily moisturizer. Apply with a brush or sponge (I love to use beauty blenders) then conceal any areas hat need extra attention. Usually under the eyes, the chin and sides of nose. Set everything with a bit loose powder (remember less is more). I like to finish this off with a spritz of MAC Fix Plus Spray which keeps the skin fresh and hydrated through out the day.

For the dewy look I’m in love with NARS Multiples. They give you the perfect amount of illumination without going over the top with too much shimmer. Apply where the light would hit (e.g.) the tops of cheekbones, temples, centre of nose and middle of your chin. (in the photo I even used a bit of this on the models lips).

Next step, Blush! Apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend outwards. If you have dry skin creme blush works well. If your complexion is more on he oily side, stick with power blushes. To bring everything together I use what is left on the brush on the outer temples, chin and eyelids.


Fill in brows with an angle brush and shadow that is half a shade lighter then your hair colour. Fill in any spaces and comb through with a clean, dry mascara wand. To insure everything is blended in. To keep brows in place, use a clear mascara/brow gel. I’ve had a few times that I’ve even used a bit of hair spray or those unruly brows!

To make your eyes really pop you can use a technique called “tight lining”  which is applying a very thin liner at base of your lash line. I like to go over this with a small brush and shadow to really make sure its blended in with the lash line. Using this technique will make your lashes appear fuller.

Curl lashes and apply a brown mascara (if you have blue/green) and black (brown/hazel). Make sure to comb through so there are no clumps (you can always use a dry disposable mascara wand). A favourite for the no makeup/makuep look is Maybelline Great Lash.


To keep with the natural look, skip the liner and stick to a basic tinted lip balm or soft coloured gloss.


Victoria Fedosoff


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