A Conversation with Makeup Artist Victoria Fedosoff

A few years ago we met Victoria Fedosoff, a talented makeup artist from Toronto who impressed us with her knowledge in makeup at a photo-shoot. Not only was she experienced, but she was talkative and fun! In 2004, Victoria went into makeup school after not being too sure of what she wanted to do. After her first day at makeup school she had an epiphany saying,  “I thought, ‘This is what I want to do.'”

Once Victoria graduated, she steered towards a freelance career and she’s had the opportunity to work with celebrities like Trish Stratus, Stereos, Suzie McNeil and Leah Miller. She’s appeared on MuchMusic and Entertainment Tonight and she’s one of the hardest working freelance makeup artists in Toronto! We all met over coffee to chat about makeup & career! Here’s our conversation with Victoria Fedosoff!

Victoria at work during a runway show

Q. What kinds of challenges came your way when you decided to go into your own business as a makeup artist?

Victoria. One thing you learn, and I’m still learning that now is juggling your schedule. I always wanted to do everything! I hate saying no to opportunities because you never know what doors that will open.

Q. You’ve worked with a lot of celebrities and personalities. What has that experience been like?

Victoria. Bridal makeup teaches you to work in constricted time. You have to be ready by 11am and be done with 6-7 girls makeup. The whole idea, no matter what the atmosphere is, you have to get along with everyone regardless if it’s a photo-shoot, fashion show or bridal party.

Q. You’ve done our makeup for various photo-shoots we’ve done and we obviously got along very well. How much does personality play into being a successful makeup artist?

Victoria. I think personality is 100% of the job. You have to be really personable and able to take different personalities. If I find I don’t get along with one person I remember, ‘It’s just one day.’ You just suck it up and put a smile on your face. No one wants to work with someone that’s miserable.

One of Carcia & Telly's shoots with Victoria's makeup!

Q. I find it’s the people you didn’t gel with that tend to hire you again and again…

Victoria. A lot of times it’s the people you didn’t get along with that tend to be the best connections. Makeup really is about personality. It makes it easier for me to do someone’s makeup when I know their personality, their style.

Q. What are the make-up trends as far as makeup application for right now?

Victoria. Less is more! People are getting away from the heavy foundation. Products are so good right now, you can use less. Bright lips are really popular, 1960’s eyeliner is popular. People are having fun with color and experimenting more.

Q.We love the 1950s, 1960s retro makeup look. Actually, for one of the shoots you worked on with us, we requested a retro look, inspired by Marilyn Monroe and James Dean portraits. Why do you think that’s so popular? The 50s-60s time period. It never leaves and seems to stick around through time.

Victoria.It’s so feminine and classic! It’s not too much, say like the 1980s. We see a bit of the 1980s now with the use of color, but in the 1980s everything with so big! People just want to have classic beauty. Like clothing!

Victoria suggests bright lips for spring/summer

Q. You’ve worked in both TV and Photography makeup application. Which one is easier?

Victoria. Well, in photography you have a little tool called Photoshop, but with HD-TV you have to pay very good attention to detail. I’ve always paid attention to my makeup applications so this wasn’t new to me. But HD-TV shows heavy makeup streaks and when you watch TV you can see imperfections.

Q. We all know the base for great make-up application is healthy skin. What can people do to have healthy skin for great makeup application?

Victoria. ALWAYS wash your make-up off at night. I always suggest putting wipes on your nightstand so if you’ve had a really long night just reach over and wipe the make-up off. The makeup will set in your skin and you’ll get blackheads. Once or twice a week is enough when you want to exfoiliate. Moisturize, but make sure you use products based on your true skin type. Get your skin type assessed.

Q. What kind of advice would you give to an aspiring makeup artist? How do they make a good start?

Victoria. Work! Do everything you can to fill your book. Try different areas within the business. In the beginning you don’t know if you want to work for a cosmetics line or not. Like right now, I enjoy the TV stuff. I didn’t know I would but now I find I really enjoy it. You have to dabble in everything and see what you’re comfortable with.

Q. Quick tips for makeup this Spring/Summer?

Victoria. Coral colors for lips. Light pastels & pinks. Have fun with color. Just try it on at home before you go out.

Check out more lovely images of Victoria’s work on her site! We are excited to announce that Victoria will be contributing her makeup knowledge to us in launching ItsMusicFashionLife.com‘s Beauty section! Watch for some fun & informative beauty articles!

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